Changing perspectives on culture where it counts
On Wednesday, March 25, the day opens with CultureX Conversations over Breakfast, the premiere destination where brands, agencies, producers and programmers can meet with multiplatform content providers to talk about the business of video for audiences who identify by their ethnicity, nationality, language, gender or sexual orientation.
Previously known as the Multicultural TV Summit, the program includes five conversations and an award presentation, all hosted by popular on-air talent.  
The morning  begins with a one-on-one interview with Michelle Rice, General Manager, TV One & CLEO TV and ends with our Award Presentation which will recognize a business executive for leadership and commitment to the growth of programing for one or more multicultural segments. Be sure to join us for this unmissable event. 
Location: Convene, 730 3rd Ave, New York

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
7:45 AM

Registration Opens

8:15 AM
8:30 AM

The 5 in 10 Series

Four different back-to-back, one-on-one 10 minute conversations.  Each conversation presents 5 tips, how-to points, or mistakes to avoid in reaching a key multicultural segment.

8:30 AM - 8:40 AM: Hispanic Perspective: The editor in chief of America’s leading Spanish language entertainment news publication shares their rationale for adding video content to their distribution model and offers 5 helpful tips for reaching Spanish speaking fans in video and print.

Interviewer: Liane Ramirez Swierk - Goodman Media International

Interviewee: Armando Correa - PEOPLE en Español

8:40 AM - 8:50 AM: Asian Perspective: A leading media buyer for the Asian market shares her 5 best research tips for reaching today’s Asian audiences and offers unique perspectives that relate to all ethnic markets.

Interviewer: Court Stroud - The Cledor Group

Interviewee: Doris Huang - Admerasia

8:50 AM - 9:00 AM: LGBT Perspective: Get the latest market data for reaching LGBT audiences from America’s leading LGBT media monitoring organization.  Our guest, a former MTV exec, now works with global brands, Film and TV production studios, and social media. He will share 5 perspectives of what the TV and video industry can expect from Hollywood next year, and how the LGBT market will likely impact all media in 2020.

Interviewer: Chiqui Cartagena - The Conference Board

Interviewee: Rich Ferraro -  GLAAD

9:00 AM - 9:15 AM: Gen Hip Hop Perspective: Youth-based Hip Hop audience is over 47.5M consumers strong in the US alone.  REVOLT will share insights from its recent Gen Hip Hop study, the first of its kind, that provides a deep-dive into the mindset, outlook and behaviors of this generation that has made Hip Hop mainstream.

Interviewer: Lisa Godwin - The New York Times

Interviewee: Roma Khanna: REVOLT Media & TV

Interviewee: Lynzie Riebling: REVOLT Media & TV

9:15 AM

Distribution Roundtable Conversation: Picking Platforms – The Quest to Be Where Multicultural Viewers Watch

The CultureX viewer enjoys today’s multi-choice, multi-platform environment - - as long as that content can be delivered to the viewer when and where they want. What are the challenges that today’s programmers are facing that differ from the past? Has technology offered programmers a business opportunity that is finally sustainable, or are they still too small to go beyond “niche” status? The moderated panel will discuss how content providers, brands and programmers are seeking ways to work together towards a more collaborative and profitable future.

Moderated By: Adriana Waterston - Horowitz Research


9:45 AM

Award Presentation: The CultureX Executive Leadership Award

This award is presented in recognition of the contributions that our recipient has made to the advancement of in-language television programming and especially for his approach to serving the targeted ethnic audience.

Award Winner: Julio Vaqueiro - Noticias Telemundo Fin de Semana

9:55 AM

Closing Remarks