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Armando Correa
People en Español
With 20 years of experience in Hispanic media, award-winning journalist and author Armando Lucas Correa is the Editor of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, the top-selling Hispanic magazine in the U.S. with more than 6 million readers every month. In his role, he oversees the editorial content of the magazine, and its digital editions for tablets and mobile. He also oversees the brand's social media strategy and events -- 50 Most Beautiful (New York), the 25 Most Powerful Women (Miami), as well as Festival People en Español (New York). He is an innovative leader with deep knowledge of the U.S. Hispanic market and experience in creating initiatives focused on the growth of the brand. As an editor and content creator, Correa has developed programs focused on the profitability of People en Español across different platforms. Under his tenure, the magazine has enjoyed unprecedented growthhas been recognized by GLAAD for its coverage. Correa is a familiar face on national television and radio shows, both in the U.S. and Mexico, where he shares his expertise on Hispanic media and entertainment stories. He entered the world of print journalism in 1988 when he was appointed the editor of Tablas, a national theater and dance magazine based out of Havana, Cuba. Correa is the recipient of various outstanding achievement awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publications and the Society of Professional Journalism. His first book En busca de Emma (In Search of Emma: Two Fathers, One Daughter and the Dream of a Family) was published by Rayo, Harper Collins in 2007 and for Aguilar, Santillana (Mexico) in 2009. His international bestseller novels, The German Girl (2017) and The Daughter's Tale (2019) were published in English and Spanish by Atria Books, a division of Simon and Schuster and have been translated to fourteen languages. The Night Traveler, a novel that completes the trilogy that started with German Girl, will be published by Atria Books in 2021. He currently resides in Manhattan with his partner and their three children.
Armando Correa