Following strategically on the heels of the NEXT TV Summit – Los Angeles, part of LA TV Week, we invite you to join us along with industry colleagues from every leading and emerging studio and network in attending the annual can’t-miss NEXT TV Summit – New York, a decade+ part of the renowned NYC TV Week 2024.

Our community – smaller than outsiders may think – is made up of industry leaders across the constantly evolving tent poles of content, streaming, distribution, partnerships, revenue growth initiatives, and the battle for eyes and market share. We’re all witness to a turning point, charged with answering the questions: what is connected TV, and what actually IS television?

Join us for cutting-edge discussions by your industry’s best and brightest to offer their views on the future near and far, and to help guide us into this next evolutionary phase of TV – Next TV! 

Topics covered will include:

  • Growth from franchises and nostalgia
  • Continued expansion of FAST through global
  • How to compete with social media
  • The growth of non-English original programming
  • Traditional TV players reentering the field
  • The modern complexities of Distribution models
  • Survival and growth through strategic partnerships
  • Videos going short form
  • Data & Analytics, bundling, pricing and churn
  • Streaming for Local, News, and Sports
  • All the new niche streaming services
  • And AI – Artificial Intelligence… it’s here!
Time Zone: (UTC-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) [Change Time Zone]