Full Name
Zeev Neumeier
Job Title
Co-Founder of Inscape, SVP of Product
Zeev founded Cognitive Networks, which was purchased by VIZIO and rebranded as Inscape Services. Zeev now serves as SVP of Product at Inscape where he presides over the largest single source opt-in TV data set in the U.S. Zeev studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Yeshiva University before receiving his MBA from New York University. Zeev has developed one of the earliest automatic content recognition systems and is the inventor of 10 patents in the space.

In 2009, Zeev Neumeier founded Inscape as TV Interactive Systems. In 2012, Zeev raised $2.5 million in funding from Rogers Venture Partners and rebranded it as Cognitive Networks. In 2013, LG announced its LivePlus interactive service powered by Cognitive Networks ACR. Also in 2013, Cognitive Networks raised a $1.5 million Series A funding round from DCM ventures.

A year later, Cognitive Networks raised $14.5 million Series B financing round from five investors. In August 2015, VIZIO acquired Cognitive Networks and renamed it Inscape. In 2016, Vizio announced Inscape would spin off and operate as a separate, privately owned company.

Zeev Neumeier is both Inscape’s co-founder and SVP, Product. Inscape is a TV intelligence company that captures highly accurate, up-to-date viewing data from millions of smart TVs. The company is a leading provider of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technologies and comprehensive cross-screen metrics. Inscape’s TV audience viewing data is leveraged by OEMs, brands, agencies, networks, measurement companies, DMPs and marketing technology platforms to power massive transformations in the industry. Its glass-level insights bring a new level of speed, transparency and actionability to the global TV market place. Inscape has 40 employees and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary based in San Francisco, California.
Zeev Neumeier