Full Name
Belsasar Lepe
Job Title
Founder, CTO
As the co-founder and CTO of Ooyala, Belsasar Lepe oversees the company’s technology and product strategy. Bel is also responsible for technology partnerships around the world, with a focus on building close and collaborative relationships with partners critical to our customer’s success.

Lepe was born in Oxnard, CA, the son of migrant farm workers, and spent his childhood following the growing seasons along the West Coast. With an eagle eye for trends and a drive to succeed, Lepe studied computer science at an early age, worked his way into Stanford University, and eventually earned an engineering role at Google.

He and the two other Ooyala co-founders realized the major potential of delivering premium video content online and left the tech giant in 2007 to found Ooyala. They saw the need for technology that allowed major broadcasters, publishers and media companies to own their video experience, understand audiences via analytics and to deliver content to the host of devices available on the market.

Lepe pushed the company into its global expansion throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia, specifically building its office in Guadalajara to encourage tech innovation in the region. Lepe continues to drive innovation at Ooyala, integrating multiple video technology solutions to give customers more sophisticated solutions to solve today’s increasingly complex challenges in video.
Belsasar Lepe