Full Name
Christina Beaumier
Job Title
VP, Advertising Technology
AT&T Advertising & Analytics
Christina Beaumier can get by in a few languages. She can order street food in Spanish and handle tribal negotiations in Burkina Faso in French. She understands the artist’s argot of her Northampton, MA hometown; comprehends the brainier dialects that originate at MIT, her alma mater; and is attuned to the intricacies of the Brooklyn accent, where she now lives with her family.

After a Peace Corps stint in Burkina Faso, and business school at MIT Sloan, Christina started her post-MBA career in investment banking, learning an analytical linguistics based on rigor and numbers. She was then exposed to the more creative syntax of the marketing world.

This path led her to Xaxis where she had a meteoric rise, starting as Director Strategic Engagements, then VP Global Client Development, then VP Media Product Development, and ultimately becoming SVP and leader of their digital ad unit. She was most recently a Strategic Partner Lead, Video Distributors and Telco, at Google, further solidifying her position as the Most Interesting Women in Ad Tech.

Her combined studies across continents and industries have made her into one of the most fluent translators in ad tech:

"Within ad tech, nothing is a silo! There’s always a business development angle, a client angle, a technology angle, a media angle, a product angle… so being able to speak different languages and relate to different stakeholders is a powerful tool to help bridge gaps and bring people together."

Christina now brings her encyclopedic experience and comprehensive understanding of the industry to her role as VP Advertising Technology at AT&T Advertising and Analytics. She considers this to be the perfect place to bring everything together: the rigor of analytics and the stories of brands, finally translated into a message that people care to hear. The future at AT&T is exciting and not without uncertainty, but Christina finds herself comfortable in imbalance. She believes that the essence of business and life is a commitment to always correcting those imbalances, and finding the best way forward.

Advertising needs to relearn how to communicate with humans; Christina is the polyglot for the job.
Christina Beaumier