Job Title
Burke Berendes is a partner at Condista since 2002. Burke directs the US affiliate relations group at Condista, the leading Spanish-language network representation group in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market.

Berendes began his career in the Pay-TV business in the year pay tv in Spanish was born in the US, 1994. This was the year that several new Spanish-language networks launched in the US, including GEMS Televison (now Universo), Canal de Noticias NBC, Prime Ticket Deportiva (now Fox Deportes) and Cine Latino. Berendes started as a sales assistant at GEMS television, first Spanish language network that was developed with women as their target audience. Berendes continued his career at GEMS as Regional Sales Director of the Eastern region and later as Vice President of Affiliate Relations. Berendes stayed with GEMS through the sale to to Telemundo in 2000. Berendes continued to work with GEMS after the acquisition, through the rebrand of GEMS as mun2, and the eventual sale of Telemundo to NBC in late 2001.

In 2002, Berendes left Telemundo and mun2 to partner with Jorge Fiterre. Berendes and Fiterre ran the company together and worked to bring the best Spanish language content to the US. Together they were part of the team that helped launch new channels like Gol TV and SUR Peru and expand the distribution of channels like Video Rola, 52MX, HOLA TV, TeleFormula, AtreSeries, NTN24, Telefe, TyC Sports and RCN Novelas.

Since joining Condista in 2002, the company has evolved from a Pay-TV channel distribution company and grown to include advertising sales in the U.S. and Latin America. Condista also operates a VOD distribution system in Latin America in addition to having launched it’s own children’s network: Kids Central / Family Central, a dual language (English/Spanish) children's television network that provides fun, entertainment and learning opportunities for children (3-7 years old) and families, and is currently distributed on Comcast, reaching millions of viewers.

Berendes graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts in both International Relations and Public Relations.
Burke Berendes