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Mike Bloxham has worked in media and tech research and consulting for over 25 years, advising multi-national corporations, media owners and government agencies on strategic marketing and communications issues on an international basis. A recognized innovator and thought leader in the media space, he has extensive experience in attitudinal and behavioural research across all media and marketing channels with an emphasis on the integration of emerging and traditional media among all audiences from children to seniors.

At Magid, Mike works with colleagues to provide research and consulting solutions to clients across the ecosystem seeking to make the right decisions regarding all aspects of video across all platforms; from programming, marketing, advertising and distribution, through strategy, product development and pricing to consumer insights, user experience and more. He is also one of the lead executives on Magid’s EmotionalDNA™, a unique data product which quantifies the relative emotional tonalities of over 3,200 TV shows and more than 200 networks and platforms from the perspective of viewers which is used to support ad sales research, programming and marketing decision-making as well as media planning and buying.

He was also the founding Co-Chair of Magid’s VR/AR Consumer Insights Consortium.

Prior to joining Magid, Mike led the Insight & Research team at Ball State University’s Center for Media Design where he and his colleagues became known for their large-scale observational research studies including the Middletown Media Studies and the Video Consumer Mapping Study for the Council for Research Excellence.
Twitter: @MikeBloxham
Mike Bloxham