Evan Hovorka

Director of Business Development

Evan is an inventor and connector at heart, always looking for ways to improve people’s experiences using data. He creates authentic, privacy safe connections with Customers to drive sustainable business value for Target & Roundel. He is a strong supporter of diversity and empowerment in the workforce, he has a track record of building high functioning, progressive teams where all are welcome. 

Evan started his career coding at an online payment tech startup. He learned the importance of delivering value quickly and found a passion for data driven marketing. Evan moved to Target to officially start a career in Marketing Technology. Over the past 15-years, Evan has engineered industry-leading tools and Products while leading Business Development. His products power data-driven Marketing for Target and Roundel. His world is complex, but has the natural ability to communicate abstract thoughts and ideas. He is an enthusiastic and motivated leader who works hard to impact change and growth internally and across the industry. 

The work Evan is most proud of includes:
Building Target’s internal identification graph which is the guest pipeline powering marketing and measurement fueling segmentation and connecting digital ads, both on and off Target property. This high fidelity pipeline built on Target’s 150 Million guests ensures closed loop measurement
Being an innovative leader in the Linear TV space. Most recently launching TV planning and measurement tools tying ad exposure to item level sales in near-time allowing Target and Roundel to build bespoke TV segments and index scores to achieve and deliver on key business objectives. 

*Both of which are equally valuable to Target and Roundel clients