Full Name
Jonathan Laor
Job Title

Co-founder of Applicaster since 2009, Jonathan Laor is the visionary and driving force behind the company’s rapid growth and global success. Jonathan’s belief and future vision that the media market will change from TV-centric to direct-to-consumer multi-platform apps is the foundation for Applicaster’s products for cross-platform app creation and development. Under Jonathan’s leadership Applicaster expanded globally serving customers in the US, Europe and LATAM.

Prior to founding Applicaster, Laor served in various executive consulting positions, personally working with governments and world-leading corporations on strategic projects and mobile properties.

Under his leadership, Applicaster secured the backing of Pitango Ventures, 83North (formerly Greylock IL), Saban Investments, C4 Ventures and Planven SA.

Jonathan is an active public speaker and visionary of the future of modern media. His knowledge and passion for both technology and media make him an opinion leader followed by media brands looking to extend their business beyond the boundaries of traditional media.

Jonathan Laor