Full Name
Jorge Alberto Fiterre
Job Title
Partner and Tech Director

At the intersection of technology and media, I found a career. I combined my love of multimedia (television, film, and music) with a more formal educational foundation in engineering and mass communications, with business as a capstone. Combining these distinct disciplines has served me well, as it has given me a unique perspective on the transformative nature of technology on the media and entertainment industry.

Incredible technological growth has taken place over the last 20 years. I have lived through the analog to digital transformation, from SD to 4K; seen the television industry go from 35 linear channels to hundreds of channels and millions of hours of on-demand content; and witnessed one singular viewing experience evolve into a multiplatform, multiscreen world.

As a Partner at Condista, our mission has been to provide multichannel video programming distributors (MVPD’s) opportunities to enhance their business in the U.S. Hispanic and International markets by providing a wider offering of channels which appeal to these specific markets. Condista brings Spanish-language and international programming from the viewers country of origin to the market.

As a technology executive, I oversee all Condista’s technical touch points from internal systems, to our customer-facing operations all of which support our clients and their audiences. Following the multiplatform, multiscreen trends, today Condista is focused on offering quality programming in a traditional linear modality, but also providing the same in an on-demand context.

As a Video On-Demand (VOD) expert, I have an extensive understanding at the platform and operational level and know how to get content from the provider to the screens. This expertise led to the development of Condista Labs - http://condista.com/condista-labs/ - a boutique, one-stop shop for delivering content, whether linear or on-demand, from the point of acquisition to the end viewer. More than 30 global content providers leverage this service and our technical expertise.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • U.S. Hispanic & Latin America Media Business & Operational Strategy
  • Multi-Platform Content Operations and Distribution (Linear, VOD, OTT)
  • Video Content Strategy and Acquisition
  • Content and Platform Strategy
  • Workflow Analysis, Development & Optimization
  • IT Architecture & Technical Design
  • Client & Partner Relations
Jorge Alberto Fiterre