Full Name
Ríchard Izarra
Job Title
Chief Editor

About a veteran journalist and publisher, Richard Izarra has more than 45 years of experience in his profession internationally. In 1989, Izarra founded Producción & Distrubición, a magazine dedicated to covering and promoting the Spanish-language TV industry. The company has evolved into a multiplatform media outlet with offices in Mexico City, Bogotá and Buenos Aires, aside from its main headquarters in Miami. Miami is also home to the company's sub-brand PRODU, to which Izarra also acts as president and editor in chief. Before the inception of the magazine, Izarra held the position of current affairs editor at his own television agency, covering special events from London for Venevisión and RCTV in Venezuela. Among significant news he covered while overseas is the Falklands War, the Nobel Prize ceremony of Gabriel García Márquez in Stockholm, and multiple television reports from the UK, The Vatican, Germany, France and North Africa. During the 70s, Richard Izarra was an active reporter in his birth country of Venezuela. He created magazines and worked for various newspapers in the region including Diario de Caracas, unomásuno in Mexico and PuroChile in Chile. He covered events in Chile like the political campaign of former president Salvador Allende, as well as the Central American conflicts in Nicaragua and El Salvador. In Venezuela at the age of 19, he cofounded REVENTÓN magazine in 1971 that marked him in his country becoming a celebrity by that time. During the 2009 celebration of PRODU's 20th anniversary, leaders in the Spanish-speaking TV industry emphasized Richard Izarra's work and PRODU's contribution to the industry internationally. 

Ríchard Izarra